Hi, I’m Cathy Lemmon with TWIST OF LEMMON MUSIC, and I’m honored to represent the quality of songs we have published throughout the years working on Music Row in Nashville, TN. Most of the songs we represent have been written or co-written by seasoned professional song writers here in Nashville who have had major cuts to their song writing credit.
Although Nashville is home to Country music, TWIST OF LEMMON MUSIC Publishing represents all genres of music, from Country, Rock, and R&B, to Pop, Alternative, and Bluegrass. We have listed only a fraction of our catalog for you to sample. Each song has been professionally produced so we are happy to provide you with whatever your needs are for your label artists, film, television or any special projects.needing particular songs. We are in business to serve you, so feel free to listen to any style of music you are looking for on our music page, and give us a call if you have something specific in mind. Our offfice number is 615.553.4331
We’ll keep making great music!
Cathy Lemmon

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